List of Accommodations and Attractions

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Langkawi is full of tourist attractions and exciting holiday opportunities. No matter where you are having fun, a wide variety of accommodations await you in different areas of Langkawi, making your stay comfortable yet convenient. Find these modern deluxe hotels and resorts with complete facilities for a delightful stay, including excellent dining and recreation experiences.

Traveling time by road to Gunung Raya Golf Resort:

Langkawi International Airport – Approx. 20 mins

Kuah Jetty – Approx. 10 mins

Zone 1 : Area around Kuah Town – Approx. 10 – 15 mins
Zone 2 : Tanjung Rhu, Mukim Ulu Melaka – Approx. 20 – 30 mins
Zone 3 : Pantai Cenang & Pantai Tengah Area, Pantai Kok Area, The Datai & The Andaman – Approx. 35 – 45 mins

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